Strawberry Letters

Feature Film

Strawberry Letters Feature Film - Pre-Production
House of create have recently option the new Chris Streeks Script, entitled Strawberry Letters. We are very excited to get this feature film off the ground. We believe in telling honest, authentic and important stories and it’s safe to say that Strawberry Letters ticks that box.


One man’s journey from prison to performance. How does someone, till now mired in crime and violence, change his life around? This is a love story, based on a true-life experiences.

Tony Robbins, a career criminal, is at a crossroads. He has found drama after numerous spells in prison. We follow Tony as he is released into a resettlement unit where he must examine his past and complete a programme of rehabilitation.

The unit is filled with a mixed bunch and Tony struggles to deal with them, particularly Yasmin, a volatile recovering crack addict. His time is taken up with education, group therapy and counselling in the form of Dr Schindler.

It is these meetings that are pivotal in Tony’s transformation. He leaves treatment and embarks on the next stage of his life. Will he succeed in his quest to escape his past life and make it as an actor? Only time will tell.

Attached Actors

So far we have 4 wonderful actors confirmed.

Directors vision Statement

This movie looks at the role of arts within the criminal justice system. It covers class barriers, racism, drug culture and a whole lot more. In this moving, funny and often poignant film, we see Sophie and Tony from contrasting backgrounds fall in love after a chance meeting at a drama class set up in a prison. We follow as their lives intertwine and they fall in love against the wishes of some.

I can personally relate to how the Arts can change a life and I hope to bring this feeling to the film. I want to show people how powerful the arts are and how they can transform someone and remove them from situations that could end in horrific consequences. Im very proud to have this film under House of Create and very excited to take this story from page to screen.