An ambitious short film we produced alongside Minoan Pictures and Wolfshot Picture Company. Rom Blanco approached our in house director Dan Löwenstein with the script he first started writing 10 years before. After reading Dan fell in love the world and the rich charechters as well as the simplicity of the story. Dan really wanted to push the bounderies on this one, so he collaborated with DoP Alex Bender, who levelled e project up by upping the original 16mm idea to 35mm 2perf using his wonderful contacts at Arri Rental.  

We are proud to have been able to produce this short to the level it is at. A huge thanks to all involved!


Conman Lee rekindles with his childhood friend Sol, a stocky firecracker who in turn introduces him to his brother in arms, Alfie, stoic and enigmatic.

At Lee’s expense and indulging in all imaginary vices, they embark upon a three-day bender that culminates in the middle of nowhere, sitting in Lee’s red 1985 Audi Quattro with a lot of cocaine. With the dazed and unbroken concentration of his now wavy comrades, Lee orchestrates the conversation around cocaine and two-bit existential exchanges, propping up the colourful tale of Tom. A merchant marine captain, who disguised as a catholic priest, has a side hustle smuggling cocaine-packed Baoding balls on his cargo ship from a favela in Brazil.

During this detailed account of Tom’s unfortunate last voyage, Lee and Sol make their way outside to relieve themselves, only for a skeptical Alfie to stay inside, snatch the keys from the ignition and join them moments later. Once Lee’s anecdote is concluded on a cleverly constructed cliff-hanger he produces to his incredulous audience a pair of the very Baoding balls that were the star of his story, in this moment turning fiction into fact.

In order to seal the bond of their new friendship he is willing to sell them 4 kg of the cocaine-packed balls for a fraction of their actual market value. That way they help him out of a pickle and make a considerable investment in the process. Sol is psyched at the proposal and wants to jump on the opportunity, only to find a reticent Alfie in his way.
Alfie, resentfully gives in. However, before any further arrangements are concluded, he asks to take a closer look at the balls. Whilst examining, he smashes them to the ground, revealing that the balls contain nothing but fictitious lies.
Lee makes a run for it, only to find that the keys are missing. Alfie enters the car and sits with him.
With words as his weapon, he reduces Lee to a shadow of his former self, leaving him scared, embarrassed and ashamed.

Sol’s deification of Lee crumbles. It was all a con, a lie. His blood boils and he turns into a raging bull. He’s got to kill him.
Alfie opens the door and gives Lee the opportunity to make a run for it, only for Sol to catch up with him.
He never stood a chance.

Production Companies
Minoan Pictures
House of Create
The Wolfshot Picture Company

Sol - Luke Christian Lee - Rom Blanco Alfie - Andrew Koji

Cashier – Sukhraj Singh

Produced By - Dominic James Baker Kate Winter

Executive Producer – Andrew Koji
Dominic James Baker Kyriakos Kassimis

Director - Dan Lowenstein 1sr AD - Bozhidar Peychev

DOP - Alex Bender
2nd Unit DOP – Tobias Marshall
1st AC - Martyn Culpan
2nd AC - Charlie Curtis
Camera Tarinee - Jacob Crow
Gaffer - Werner Van Peppen
Best Boy - Chris Hosker
Boom Operator - Matteo di Congo
Sound Recordist - Andrei Lekovski Additional Sound Recordist - Ben Turnbull

Art Director - Ellis Garbett Set Dresser - Tilly Carter
Set Dresser - Francesca Jones

MUA - Elina Balint
SFX MUA - Ruby Ann Lonsdale

Colour Grade - Chris Francis at Company 3 BTS Photographer - Carl Russ
Film Supplied by Frame24 Ltd
Catering Provided By –

Special Thanks (Crowdfunders) Gravity Media