G I A N T S is the story of immigrants and their descendants in London, UK. This short film tells the story of how art freed and saved the life of a queer black poet.  This choreopoem is a song of freedom to invoke and inspire others to free themselves and release their G I A N T S.
It was a real hustle to make this movie happen. Crew working for the love and cast being bought in from the street because they stirred an emotion that made sense to the story! Everyone was on set and fully committed to the moment! Love this kind of film making. Just the raw power of story telling bringing people together through a want to express and be part of something special!
thanks to Indira Varma for her role in this movie, was great to work with you!
Thanks to City Academy for their courage to take on important stories!

Director Deobia Oparei 
Co-director - Dan Löwenstein 
Executive producers - Michael Ward & Susan Young 
Producer Ross Gamble
Co- Production Co - House of Create 
DoP - Tom Walder 
Edited by Dan Löwenstein & Deobia Oparei 
Music by - Jally Kebba Susso & Kadialy Kouyate 
Music supervisors - Linton Willis-Barnes & Jenna Whelan at Pyramids
Sound mixed by - Elliot Hartley 
Choreographer - Adrian Arroyo & Konstantina Katsikari
Sound recordist - Andrei Leskovski 
1st AC - Harry Coleman 
1st AD - @belevenest4 
Colour - Chris francis & company3
Gaffer - Werner van Peppen
Make-Up Artist Frances De Havas
Assistant to the Producer Alice Baxter
Bts - Connor Pharo


The Poet - DeObia Oparei

Homeless Drunk / The Witnesser - Indira Varma

Street Busker / The Sorcerer - Siemy Di

The Poetess - Lydia Maddix

Mekor - The Entrepreneur - Mekor Newman

Serina - The Philosopher - Serina Gardner

Tobias - The King - Tobias Batholomew

Bleo - The Mother - Bleo Hollis

Santiago - The Drag Queen - Santiago De La Torre

Katya - The Mechanic - Gabi Kaskeviciute

Syreeta - The Boxer - Manisha Patel

Woman On Bus - Gillian Lester